The truth of Skinny Is Green: the story of an 'Underdog In Green'.

I'm sure a lot of people are really curious about the meaning behind the name of 'Skinny Is Green'. It's not something I talk about often, mostly because it reminds me of some horrific memories from the past. But today I'm willing to share it all. 

Growing up as a child, I was a really anxious one and I was scared to be anywhere outside of home. The outside world seemed so fearful for many reason that even the thought of leaving for school made it hard for me to swallow food. I mean literally. I was a constant victim of bullying for the most part of my early school years. I had developed an eating disorder that made me skinny as hell.  

I got teased by my pals who'd call me 'sinke', which means 'skinny as a stick'. I hated that and that me more alienated from everyone.  
In our school back then every student belonged to a team where we'd play sports and extra curricular activities. Our teams were classified by colors. I was the blue team. Blue: the color of the sky, the color of the ocean and the color of peace. Yeah blue was my all time favorite color. 

But when we moved up to the 4th grade they switched me to the Green team. This came as a shock to me cause once you were in a team you would usually remain in that team until you passed the school and left it after the 10th grade.  

Then again, I wasn't ever good at anything: no sports, no quizzes or spelling contests. I was just this quiet little kid who didn't matter at all. And I was the most dispensable one', at least that's what I thought. So I got switched around to even out the numbers. 'At least that good for nothing little boy was finally for some use' that's what they must have thought. I don't know! 

And they gave me a large size green shirt that made it seem like I was wearing a trash bag.  You get the idea right? I became an instant joke to everyone around me. The bullying got worse. I don't like to talk about my feelings so I'm not gonna discuss about how that made me feel. So yeah that's the story of little Skinny In Green.  

How that skinny green guy managed to survive for next 5 or 6 years until he became me is a long hard story. But he had to move to at least 4 different schools because he felt alienated everywhere I went. And every school he went would turn into horrible experience, and after a few years he'd be running away from more and more from the past.  

When I got to eighth grade music changed everything for me. First of all it gave me an inspiration to live. Listening to bands like GNR and Linkin Park inspired me to sing and play guitars. I had finally found an outlet to vent those years of emotion through my playing and singing. Didn't matter if my fingers hurt playing them strings or I'd loose my voice for a couple of days after screaming along with Chester Benington singing 'Place for my head'. I finally found a meaning to life. It was what would keep me alive from then on. I was no more 'Skinny in Green'. After I had moved to a new school I had started becoming a cooler guy now and I didn't fear no more. 

In 2013 when I was trying to think of a band name i really wanted to have something more meaningful thus I started to think back why I started playing music in the first place. ( Not so much in detail like this haha) But I just smiled to myself and said yeah 'skinny boy was green'. And since then the name Skinny Is Green has been there to remind me everyday of my life that I am not a victim of my past but rather a result of my actions from the past. 

Today, Skinny Is Green isn't just about me or that little boy no more. It's a story about all the underdogs like you and I. And it's a story about dreamers who work hard enough to change the situations of their lives to get to the point where they want to be. Yep, that's the meaning and the truth.

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