Inspirations found on the grains of sand on the beach

Hope, fear, love, and hurt. These are the few things that have driven me to become a songwriter. 
The first step however, always is to get inspired. There can't be any creativity without inspiration. If you try to find it, you’ll find it in a grain of a sand on the beach, but you will need to have the burning desire to tell the world all about how you feel it’s softness and its warmth. 
The times might be hard. Or you might as well be having too much fun in your life that you think you have other better things to do than to write songs today. But that shouldn’t keep the ink from flowing on the paper.
Talking about inspiration again.. sometimes when you are ditched by a girl who you're deeply in love with could be the greatest romantic song that you ever wrote. Cause what's gone is gone but to show her you’re still alive you approach the situation differently other times you just write a sad-sad song. 
At times, meeting strangers and getting to know them very well for a short period of time and then never to see them again for the rest of your life could be inspiration for writing songs like Sailing by. 
Watching little kids learn how to swim could be inspiration for songs like Dreamers. 
Falling in trap in bad habits and and only thing you think about is quitting it, but you’re always stuck, that could be the inspiration for writing songs like Disconnect. 
Honestly it could have been anything and all that matters now is what I said on those songs.
I’m not one of those writers to whom words come in easily flowing in the head. There were a few times where words just started popping in my head, but majority of time I had to plan hard to write just a few words. I usually tend to push myself further because there is an inner critic inside that wants to laugh at everything that I write. That’s cause some of the outcomes were absolute failure. And out of the rest what I thought were the best ones I kept working on them until I felt they were good enough to be in the record.
But yeah I hope all that makes sense.


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