Our Story


After following the hiatus of his previous band Nisarga, Rav Sitaula started experimenting with electronic music. Programming tracks on his computer he mixed instruments that had some dubstep feel to it. 
After a few tracks sounded tight, Rav started playing various chords and riffs with his guitar on top of them. That's what became the trademark sound of Skinny is Green eventually.
Skinny is Green's first song 'Under the Moon' was recorded shortly after that and soon a video that was self directed by Rav was released under the name of Kattmandu. But the name Kattmandu had to be changed because there were other bands with the original spelling of the word ( Kathmandu). Rav chose the name Skinny is Green. It reminds him of his earlier years at his school when his friends used to mock him for wearing an extra large green shirt that he thinks made him 'look like a stick figure wearing a sack.' "It was a horrific time of my life" he says "it's funny though it's made me what I am today".

Writing/Production of Dreamers:

During the summer of 2013 most of the songs for the new record had been written. There were enough to make almost 2 albums out of them. After selectively choosing the songs with the best words and meanings to it the production of rest of the songs for Dreamers had begun by January 2014.
In the initial stage when he couldn't afford a good condenser mic he went out to his friends studio (Hemanta Shrestha, Pratikh Baraly & Andre Echeveria)to record his vocals. One of the initial songs (Incomplete) was recorded in Collin College's studio when he was taking Audio Engineering class there with Dave Burt. 
The tracks for all songs were produced in in FL studio which is best known as a sampling software. The vocals were then mixed on to the tracks on Cubase 5.


In modern days you see a lot of R N'B, pop and hip hop artists producing their own records. But rock and roll has always been thought out to be every instrument should be played live. But bands like Nine inch nails, Linkin Park set their foot into a fusion of electronic and rock music which few of bands have been successful to follow their path. Rav was inspired by that idea and pushed it a little further when he decided to program everything but the guitars and vocals on his album.
Rav self-recorded most of the tracks at his home using minimal recording system. All he had was an audio interface that converted the audio signal into digital and made everything in the system sound great with some cheap monitors. 
Although at first he was criticized by his peers for the lack of quality of sound on his recordings, he kept working on it pushing himself harder day and night to achieve the kind of sound he desired. Also using softwares like Guitar rig was a challenging because he wasn't sure if the guitars would sound too digitized. But he was amazed to his surprise when a few of his friends complemented on the sound thinking he used a rack of amps. He occasionally also received questions by fans such as " Who is the drummer on the record?" He answered to that sincerely when he said "It was my hand making a few clicks on the piano roll". 
Rav says he's wouldn't mind continuing the DIY way for the next album. 'But' he adds "if a record label finds Skinny Is Green I would love to record on a full featured studio spending 100s of grands. After all it's all about the experience." He also adds he wouldn't mind working with a producer for the future album because he thinks getting feedback from someone qualified is essential.


Still from the video Under the Moon. Directed by Rav Sitaula; Co-directed and edited by Rayan Rays

Still from the video Under the Moon. Directed by Rav Sitaula; Co-directed and edited by Rayan Rays